Areas of expertise

I am a Freelance DevOps Engineer offering consulting services to start ups and larger businesses alike who have cloud or code delivery pipeline projects that require a subject matter expert to assist. I have worked on a broad range of DevOps tooling and am enthused by allowing developers to focus on what they do best - write code!


Experienced in Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Compute Engine in large live production environments


Experienced in writing and managing Continious Integration and Continuos Deployment pipelines for wide scale production environments.

Container Orchestration

Commercial experience in using Docker & Kubernetes to build, deploy and scale CI/CD infrastructre and code deploy pipelines.


Extensive commercial experience deploying wide scale Terraform Infrastructure as Code implementations using Terraform.


Commercial experience writing and modifying ansible galaxy roles for re-use in CI/CD deployment pipelines. Additionally I have written a couple of custom modules for Ansible to solve some unsupported tasks.


Commercial experience of both Jenkins, VSTS (Azure DevOps) and also Codeship to write and build pipelines for CI/CD. Competent in Groove pipeline scripting to make pipelines re usable.


Bash is my language of choice for most simple automation tasks wherever possible. I've spend most of my working day using a bash terminal.


Competent at writing python scripts for when other methods do not suffice. An example of my python work can be found on my github.


When Windows is a must... There is PowerShell.

This is not an extensive list of my skills. There are more! Contact me if you are looking for an experienced DevOps Freelance Engineer to help with your infrastructure automation and/or code delivery pipelines. I am sure I can help!

Let's discuss your project

If you have a cloud or code delivery pipeline project that you are working and need the help of an experienced DevOps engineer then get in touch!